TriDoc Easy document management

High-class document management for small and medium businesses. Let effective and easy document handling become reality at your company.

With the introduction of TriDoc Easy document management your company's document filing and managing procedures become standardized. Effectiveness of document handling increases by the automation of your processes, and as a result, the amount of work can significantly be decreased.

TriDoc standard product contains 5 licences. As the maximum number of user licences is unlimited, you may increase the licences by purchasing additional licence packs of 5 user licences each. For enterprise customers we recommend our TriDoc enterprise custom-tailored solution, which we implement on an individual basis.


Multiplatform server application

Use the TriDoc system on Windows, Linux, or Macintosh operating platforms.
You want a different database for your TriDoc system? Choose our Oracle based system option!

Web access anytime, from anywhere

File your documents at any time from anywhere with the aid of the web-linked TriDoc system. The RIA technology enables all this to be done via an incomparably prolific and ergonomic user surface.

With a built in workflow module

The built-in workflow module supports both document creation and document approval processes. With the new extended approval workflow function you can define very simply even more complex approval workflows for your various document types.

Easy and secure document archiving

You can store your electronic documents and associated information in the TriDoc system securely and in traceable form.
The security of documents which must be kept for several years is guaranteed by the technology based on the TriDoc database.

Authorisation management based on data and functional access rules

Determine simply who may perform which operations on which document with the aid of the built in authorisation management module. In the TriDoc system you can define both data access and function access rights.

With incorporated document statistics

Always keep up to date with the aid of the principle index numbers associated with the documents produced by your firm and entered into TriDoc.

10 predefined languages - language customisation

Use the TriDoc system in the ten predetermined languages indicated in the box, or create a version in your own language. Set the language which each of your colleagues wishes to use.

E-mail notification

You can even track your documenting tasks via your mobile phone!
Use regular E-mail notification to check your current outstanding documenting tasks!

Group operations

Finalise, assess or delete your documents as a group. In the document list, these functions can even be carried out on several dozen registered documents at the same time.

Fax-, email and scanner integration

Register your documents automatically with the use of the classified registration channels. Scanned documents and documents received by fax or email get automatically transferred into the TriDoc system based on predefined parameters and without being touched manually.

Everything you need to handle your company documents

Learn the main functions of TriDoc Easy document management, the advantages and possibilities of our technology! Keep in mind, that only sample data can be seen in the on-line demo; searching within the database or saving changes is not possible, as there is no server connection. New entries cannot be recorded into the demo system!

TriDoc standard 2.7 screenshots

Become acquainted with the TriDoc Easy document management product, take a look at the screenshots!

In the gallery you can see all screenshots of TriDoc standard 2.7 with a short decription of the relevant main functions.

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